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******May. 23rd 2008******************************

Peace may be health, as war may be disease.

If you we have a thing for your health, you should know about the way to keep away from the disease. This is the amazing step to protect yourself against the disease.

Summing up the following report,:


Japan's parliament passed the space law that allows the military to
develop advanced spy satellites for intelligence and a missile defense
shield with the United States.

Japan is concerned about China's military modernization and North
Korea's development of long-range missiles and atomic weapons.

The defense minister has a special task force responsible for Japan's
future space projects,through the new space law, while paving the way
for the military to possess and develop spy satellites.

The cooperation between the Japanese government and the United States under the security treaty will increase the plans of a joint missile defense system.

******Feb. 14th 2006******************************

Well, if youfre a Japanese, you may be concerned about the Japanese birth rate decreasing, while you may be happy to hear the news of Princess Akishinomiyafs pregnancy.

The history dates back, as we have learned, 670 B.C. when first Emperor Jinmu reigned the western part of Japan. For this the present Emperor Akihito is the 125th.

Let's see the map of all tombs or mausoleum of all the Japan's Emperors. It shows the long long history of Japan as well as the Imperial Family.

In fact, in the old days, there were quite a few troubles and wars in our country.However, as the time goes by, the system of the Imperial Family worked, so to speak, as an anchor.

The anchor has sometimes let the ship of Japan go, sometimes let it stop.
This function of anchor has allowed the Japanese people and Japan to unite, while minimizing the ship's shake. I think that this would cause even now the Japanese people to exist over the Japanese archipelago. Indeed the system of Tenno has worked well.

By the way I would like to recommend you visit Ise Shrine in Mie Pref. where the ancestor of the successive Emperors of Japan or Amaterasu was enshrined. It should be called the last holy site. which is covered with gigantic trees of 1000 years old and more, where you can feel the atmosphere pure.

I wish the Emperor's Family would last forever and they would pray to protect the Japanese people , Japan and the global peace.

Well, which will you expect as a baby of Princess Akishinomiya? Do you want a boy or a girl ?



I am a subscriber of the Wall Street Journal on Line.
I would like to say "Thank you for your report of September 30, 2005."

From the first paragraph I have been moved by your abundant powers of expression.I thought that these phrases were poems. I did repeat aloud these phrases. "Perched on a cliff high above the Black Sea, a lone villa stands nestled among lemon trees and rose bushes. Waves lap the shore below. A cool breeze rustles through the pine forest while a mountain stream gurgles in the distance."

On the contrary, it follows with hot political matters.Through your report, I got a strong impression as to Abkhazia, because "Stalin, an ethnic Georgian, once made Abkhazia part of Georgia, colonized it with Georgians, closed down Abkhaz schools, and had Abkhaz intellectuals killed. The Abkhaz became an ethnic minority and their language fell into disuse."

In 1993, Abkhaz rebels, backed by Russian weapons and volunteers, drove Georgian government troops out of the region, and in a fit of ethnic cleansing, expelled at least 150,000 Georgian civilians as well.

I cannot believe these series of actions with the involvement of Russia. However I can understand that Russia is profoundly afraid of the democratic movement led by the Western countries.

I am astonished to know that the ghost of Stalin, even in the 21st century, is getting in the way of the liberalization of that region where his old and now controversial villa is located.

I do hope you will continue to pursue hot topics as a top staff writer.

****What hypocrites! ***********April/25/2005*******

At the program of NHK,Foreign Minister Machimura revealed the fact that he had asked Chinese government official Tang Jiaxuan whether China could allow Japan to survey the Chinese textbooks ,since China had said a lots of things about the Japanese textbooks. It is said Mr.Tang answered yes in the meeting in Beijing .

Actually,can anyone out there possibly believe they aren't filled with lies and distortions that dwarf those in the new Japanese schoolbooks? What hypocrites! I have read it once. How many lies and distortions are there! Don't you want to know the contents?

In the Chinese textbooks,there is no description about the Russo-Japanese War,because after the Japan's win,Japan got the territory of Manchuria from Russia with the Chinese government's agreement.


I had felt a sore throat and hard to use a loud voice, because of my hay fever, I guess, but as people say the worst season has gone, it will get better.

**The Expo was fantastic, especially Nagakute Nihoh-kan was a great experience. We barely visited some pavilions including the Nihonkan, the Mammoth, and the Nagoya's kaleidoscope, but we didn't have so much time because of waiting in line for about 2 or 3 hours for each that we weren't able to get into the others.

***China and the Chinese people have never changed from the Boxer Rebellion in 1900. This time also they did just the same thing. The anti foreigner campaign, especially anti-Japan series of destruction and boycott shocked me profoundly.

China's "patriotic education" has brought up cruel antiforeigner nationalists. This Chinese Communists' anti-Japan education began from the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989@under the conduct of Jiang Zemin who had wanted to maintain the power of the Chinese Communist Party .

I think it doesn't make much difference for China whether, so to speak, the glossed textbook or the bid for a permanent seat. It's politically and economically motivated that China@want an absolute power over the Asian district. Japan is an obstruction or nuisance to China, so China will never stop shouting "anti-Japan". China's accusation will continue till Japan will disappear from this world.@

However China should know the anti-Japanese education and activities is so to speak opium. When China would smoke the drug, China will become ill and ruin itself.


======1=Cruel hoax over the Asahi News Paper========

======2=A Manager robbed ===============

1 One is the fabricated report by the Asahi News Paper concerning to the comment from Mr.Matsui :ex-director in NHK, whether Mr.Abe and Mr.Nakagawa , legislators ,had put pressure on Mr.Matsui to accept reforming the TV coverage, or not.

2 The other is the ID theft and card counterfeiting case in the golf courses.


1 Firstly NHK has reported a fabricated news case by the Asahi newspaper, everyday at 7 o'clock,9 oclock,10 o'clock, and 11o'clock from 4 days ago. I don't normally watch T.V. But these days I have been checking the coverage, because I think this dispute may cause the public opinion to change from the pro-communism Asahi's stance to the conservative stream.

While NHK have demanded Asahi to answer 13 questions, the Asahi newspaper hasnft done it, and at last Asahi opened the idea to fight at the court against NHK's assertion.

In the first place, both media@giants were left wing, , in other words they prefer Marxism, Maoism and Kim Il Sung's thought of Chu-Che to liberalism. However NHK sent an open letter to the Asahi newspaper about Asahi's report involving NHK's ex-director's falsely quoted words including the issue whether pressure had been put on the program "ETV2001" which NHK broadcasted 4 years ago, or not.

Increasing numbers of Japanese people have begun to notice the (what does this mean and is it needed?)conspiracy to attack the Liberal-Democratic Party and its most prominent young leaders like Mr.Abe and Mr.Nakagawa . The secret relationship between Asahi and Chosen-Soren is going to be revealed.

Today also Asahi reported the news distorting the statement of Ambassador Baker, even though he said nothing about the Yasukini Shrine.

The Asahi, which has often told lies in its long history, should be dismantled for Japan's and the world's peace, stability and security.

2 Secondly I would like to stress the importance of the fraud case at a golf course named "Lake Wood Tomioka" in Gunma Prefecture that was investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department.

This is the most astonishing case in my golf-related career of over 18 years. Because one of the alleged ringleaders was a manager himself at that golf course from which some salesmen had often come here to sell tickets for rounds of golf.

The manager:the key person of the ring had held the key to open the safety box there.
Little did the members or other customer's dream the manager of the course was a robber himself. One of the ringmembers received the key from the manager named Tooyama to copy the key in order to take and put back the cash or credit cards in the safety box, while the manager used to print out the data to steal the ID and the password using the master key.

This is very Shameful! This case has resulted in the tarnished reputation of golf. His company should take a huge responsibility for his actions. People should demand a full -scale investigation into the case and we hope the crackdown of the ring in order to recover the credit for the golf-industry.


=======Time-based wage system or Merit-based wage system======

Which is the best for each company and each country, time-based wage system ,lifetime employment system ,or merit-based wage system? All of them have their good points .As for the time-based wage system, it is easier to calculate the total cost compared to the merit-based wage system, while under the lifetime employment system ,people can do their best at home characterized by a closely knit and family atmosphere, without the fear of being fired in their lifelong. Meanwhile the merit-wage system is just an incentive to work .

On the contrary, the merit wage system is difficult to evaluate each employee's performance.
Companies should be managed in a flexible and impromptu manner according to the external and internal environment.



1 What is the difference between terrorists and armies?h

Yes, I understand that both groups are equipped with an army.But I think this question is so curious it is like comparing Al Capone and the Untouchables,although this is an old type of similitude to speak in. Terrorists or guerrilla always break the order and attack civilians in other groups without any signs, on the contrary an organized army try to keep the order under the rules that we live under and to protect civilians.

Yet I understand what you would like to say, in fact we can also say there are no differences between them, because both are forces themselves,but as far as we live in the system of liberal countries, we cannot permit lawless or outlaw activities.

Accordingly I think the biggest distinction between terrorists and organized armies is the question of "legal or illegal activities".

2 Is the occupation of Iraq by the U.S. justified or not? This was the second subject you gave me. The U.S. has and will have the intention to keep control over the world.

In the last century the U.S. had been the Superpower economically and politically by@manipulating freely its currency and its military forces. Whereas the European countries had been seeking the exclusion of the American dollar for a long time(was it the exclusion or did they want other currencies to have some power?), because for example, even when the European countries would import crude oil from the Middle East, only the US dollar had been available to settle the accounts, which meant the European countries were charged commission .This has made America richer and richer, and more powerful. This century the European countries did change the policy to reconcile themselves to this almost slavish situation.That's why the Euro was born Thus we can say the Iraq War would be the fight for the leadership of currency between the U.S. dollar and the Euro,even if the euro had many other reasons for inception.

If the United States don't fight to win in Iraq, the U.S. would lose the power to control the world crude oil prices as well as the power of the currency of the American dollar, because energy is the essential substance to maintain the nation, as every country knows, Japan was defeated on account of the lack of oil in the last war.

While for a long time the Iraq people had suffered under the dictator Saddam Hussein, many Iraqi people have wanted liberation from the oppression, and almost all the steps towards democratization have been done by the United States and the allied countries armies. Now only terrorists are rampaging around the country which Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network is also aiming at .

America and the allied countries like Australia and Japan are fighting for its democratization and liberation. If we support the American style of liberty, if we do want real prosperity without any political oppression like in China, North Korea or Russia, I think we should support the United States policies, strictly speaking the policies of the Republican Party in the U.S.


=====Chinese atomic submarine intruds======

The Japanese government confirmed Tuesday that the Chinese submarine that last week intruded into Japanese waters off the Miyako Islands in Okinawa Prefecture, had returned to its home port in China. This was confirmed by satellite and wireless data.

The Japanese government interpreted "it's regrettable" into "they made apologies" as Peking issued the statement . I am fed up with it: the Japanese government and the Self Defense Forces protect neither our territory nor the Japanese people's lives. When an incident like this occurs, we Japanese more and more dislike China governed by the Communist Party.

As for this case, the Self Defense Forces could get points as to the budget that was about to be reduced by the Ministry of Finance. This is the submarine effect "No.1" I named.

Secondly we can expect the Chinese government will tone down the accusing voice against the visits to Yasukuni Shrine by the Prime Minister Koizumi. This is the submarine effect "No.2" I named.

I guess we can expect the submarine effects continued to be felt between Japan and China, as it is normally under the sea no one knows, it will suddenly emerge on the sea when it's needed. I am convinced Japan's and China's prime ministers will have a talk in the near future, setting aside conflicts.


=====Luigi sensei======

Today was a great day for your coming all the way to Dynasty Golf.

And also thank you very much for your nice and heartful present.
Actually I enjoyed the cookies with maple shyrup cream, a nice flavored maple tea, and so lovely flowers.

Furthermore for your having using our driving range I appreciate you very much. I hope you enjoyed golf practicing.

Firstly I was very very surprised to see you,Luigi and Tsukui-san, and soon I felt totally happy.I will remember today's happy hours for a long period.

As I made our site with the picture,could you check it up now ?



High Commissioner in UNHCR

From a Japanese people

I heard that you had visited Japan to see Korean elderly people living in Japan.I am afraid that you might have misunderstood the Koreanfs history in Japan.

In fact in 1945, General MacArthur firstly shipped back all the Koreans whom the Japanese government had recruited to mobilize them as well as the Japanese people.How treacherously did all the Koreans reject to hold the defeated Japanese nationality,

although it was the Korean government and the Korean people that had asked Japan for joining the member of Japan in order to depart from the oppression of the Korean dynasty at the time.

The GHQ (General Head Quarters) and the Japanese Government had given the Koreans the opportunity to return home .But some Koreans remained in Japan, or some came back to Japan on transport ships ,feeling disappointed at the life in the Korean peninsula.

Therefore since 1945 of the war-end ,the number of Korean people in Japan has been sharply increasing: the Koreans have wanted to stay in Japan for their own convenience such as the education of children or seeking better jobs.

Koreans having come to Japan was not compulsory ,but applied.

Actually Koreans living in Japan seem to be in a vulnerable position.
But, on the contrary, they refused to be naturalized in Japan .

At last some Koreans became even the rulers in Japan by the leaping privilege and immunities such as tax exemptions or livelihood subsidy when they scream gitfs discriminationh with mass protest and blackmail.

Shortly after WWII, Koreans provoked riots in every part of Japan.

They slaughtered Japanese people .They pillaged local cities to sell off to the Japanese at an excessive price what they had deprived from the Japanese .

They armed themselves. They occupied Japanese houses with the arms .But they have never quit Japan till now. They killed many people but they did not allowed the Japanese even the police to protest against the violence or crime. At the result, the Japanese became to fear Koreans.

The Koreans living in Japan succeeded in defeating the Japanese Tax Agency late 1960s:.The Japanese Tax Agency started checking the Korean's assets.They refused to be checked by the authority, shoutinggitfsdiscrimination!hwith blackmail. The Taxation Agency gave in to them .Special treatment was given with no checks.

The Koreans also have suppressed and ruled the Japanese media.When the news which give a bad impression about Korea or the Koreans was informed,A bunch of Koreans surround the press building and they threaten the staff.Everyday occurrence it is.

I hope youfll have the right and correct information without fabricated reporting about each country. I appreciate your having read such a complicated history.

Yours Truly


=====The epitaph for a member of a Japanese mission to the Tang-dynasty who died in 734 was discovered in Xiancity======

Although I have to conclude the story, I was reluctant to do so for the following two reasons.

First of all ,the place where the epitaph for a member of a Japanese mission to the Tang-dynasty who died in 734 was discovered in Xian city. Xian is just the site where many Chinese students and people rioted against the Japanese Xian University students in spite of their only dancing in the campus festival.

Secondly, the Gas Well Digging projects between China and Oil Measures like Royal Dutch Shell was stopped last month, off Senkaku-Islands on the Japan Sea,because the Japanese Government had protested against China for the reason of inside Japan's territory and demanded to halt the construction.At the beginning, although the Japanese Government had demanded only data which China could get on mining, China had ignored this. After that the business counterparts: Oil Measures dropped from the business, China got in trouble ,and now China asked the Japanese government to undertake this project and operation with China.

The Chinese Government seems to have been waiting for releasing time of the discovered epitaph ,because I think that Xian businessmen are embarrassed with the Chinese people's excessive patriotism or anti-Japan sentiment. Probably now no Japanese people are in Xian city.

No freedom of speech and no freedom of publishing are in China. Since every information is wired or censored by the Communist Party Government, I think that all the information from China must be just their political propaganda, we Japanese or foreigners should watch and consider their intention to publish something here and now.


Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has referred to the Postal Services as the first agenda of ,so called ,the structural reforms. With a Minister of Council of Economic and Fiscal Policy,Heizo Takenaka and the other Council's members , he made a plan to divide the Postal services into 3 ections: privatization of the national postal mail, savings and insurance services .

Concerning each of the three , especially savings and insurance businesses,I'm afraid that Mr.Koizumi would step into selling to the market the stocks after having transferred postal services through the present public corporation to the scheduled privatized company, which means that foreign companies like Goldman Sachs,Loanstar,Morgan,or Ripplewood Holdings, could take over full shares.

As several City Bank offices were temporarily ordered to close down by the Japanese authority because they had extensively sold illegal derivative securities to Japanese customers these years, we cannot rely on the foreign financial institutions. Things like this are reported to have happened several times .

We hope Prime Minister's Koizumi's structural reform will not progress in the wrong direction for Japan and the Japanese people, because this reviewed system is entirely the center of Japan's financial system, in any light of the giant volume of 250 trillion yen's individual financial assets.


What kind of impression do you have about "Kamakura"?My impression about Kamakura is the intelligence and the history.Referring to the history of Kamakura era, almost all of the modern Japanese culture was bornin this period, for example Japanese style of house with an alcove ,shoji :sliding door made of wood and paper, or arranging flowers, tea ceremony, and kendo, Japanese style of wrestling. Buddhism also flourished in this period. Kenchoji ,Hasedera ,both temples are famous.

The most respectable, Eiheiji, was also constructed in this period ,where at last I arrived last year aftera 6 hour drive.Visit Kamakura, being about 50 km southwest of Tokyo, and you can see many historical sites like the Great Image of Buddha or Tsurugaoka-Hachimangu shrine as well as a beautiful sea like Yuigahama beach.
Originally the name of Kamakura can be seen in "Kojiki" ,the national history book authorized by Genmei Tenno ,the emperor of the time. In 711 A.D. Kama means kiln , Kura means storehouse . The topography of Kamakura likely resembles a kiln.

From the end of the 12th century through the early 14th century, Kamakura was the seat of the bakufu or feudal military government .The city has many must-see sites ,along with Kyoto and Nara, seems to draw visitors from all over the world.At first I will recommend checking this site before going to Kamakura.
I would like to revisit Kamakura with my family, remembering my school excursion in my childhood. I hope Kamakura will not disappoint my expectations.


Kodama town is my home town ,whose festivals originated in the 1200's :the Kamakura era.The autumn festival is especially popular for its parade floats with an ancient sound of fife-and-drum band .In the town, the floats move being taken by both children and adults dressed in happi coats,In the parade you can see some people in gorgeous attire like armor,in my childhood we could also see the parade of horses dressed up. I can remember my father used to lead his horse.

While seeing entertainment like goldfish scooping , fixing on an old familiar scent of baked rice cake, and having cotton candy, people in this town enjoy an autumn night every year.

******July 22 2004*******


I believe that how the Japanese government has treated Mr.Jenkins is good as we have been looking forward to. It was necessary to have Mr. Jenkins see a doctor in Tokyo in order to have a medical check.

On the other hand the United States is likely not to forgive Mr.Jenkins, because allegedly he was a deserter and even helped his subordinate officers to do the same thing, to flee over there ,to the North side. After the case having happened,the United States Army indicted him but in vain. Forty years have passed since he had fled to the North, where he had been treated by the North while teaching English to pupils including Miss Hitomi Soga in Pyonyang.

We can listen to some strong opinions like president George W. Bush, since the soldiers of the United States Army are fighting against terrorists in Iraq, some of them may not want to. If Mr.Jenkins will be a real deserter, the Pentagon cannot afford to skip his activities.

On July 25th the nephew of Mr. Jenkins wasn't able to visit him. It is probably because the negotiation between Tokyo and Washington behind-closed-doors must be continuing.

Reportedly Washington and Tokyo are trying to cut a deal by which Jenkins would plead guilty to desertion in return for permission to live in Japan with his Japanese wife, Hitomi Soga, and their two daughters.

This scenario I do welcome profoundly .

*****************July 15 2004**************************************

A nation of two political parties

Three or more parties' political system seems to be safer for the stability of the nation than two-party one.But now Japan has become a nation of two political parties, of course the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party. This may cause a crisis of the L.D.P's governing, because if the New Komeito, which is the coalition partner, will quit the L.D.P to join the Democratic Party, the present administration will surely collapse for not having a quorum, on the contrary the Democratic-led coalition party will be born.

Here I'd like to tell you about the story you mentioned last time. As of July 18 Mr. Hashimoto, the Hashimoto faction leader, reportedly is in trouble for shady dealings and violation of the Political Funds Control Law. If Mr. Koizumi will admit the arrest of ex-prime minister Ryutaro Hashimoto, almost of all the member of the Liberal Democratic Party will have to be controlled under the faction of Mr.Mori ,which means Mr.Koizumi will dominate the L.D.P more easily .

Furthermore, this time the big names of Mr.Nonaka and Mr.Aoki also become the topics. Mr.Nonaka is famous for pro-China ,pro-South Korea and even pro-North Korea. They are likely to have been at the scene where ex-prime minister Hashimoto received a check for one hundred million yen . Additionally,this is a famous story that Mr.Hashimoto is pro-China, as his girlfriend is a Chinese Security Officer, apparently only an interpreter.Therefore if these anti-Japan politicians will disappear from the L.D.P, or from the public scenes entirely, we can expect a quick resolution about a number of abducted Japanese people, even now under the pending situation.

Consequently we need to watch Mr.Koizumi so that he should not stop the investigation against and negotiation with North Korea which China is always backing.

*****************July 8 2004**************************************

Director Kunimatsu sniped case

Why did the Metropolitan Police Department hide the bombshell confession that a police officer had been the perpetrator?

Why even now doesn't the Tokyo Metropolitan government dismantle the group of the Aum Cult which has changed the name into Alef.?

Why on earth did the Tokyo Metropolitan government admit the establishment of the Aum Cult?

The Aum Cult tricked the science graduates of top-notch universities under the guise of a religious organization to drive them to mount an attack on passengers by sarin gas in the Tokyo subway.

The Aum Cult is a terrorist group itself. Although it is under constant monitoring of the authority. Japanese people don't feel ease day and night, as far as the cruel group will exist in the world.

Q1 How should the Police conduct themselves against terrorist groups like Aum?

A1 Not until a grave case occurs does the Police start to investigate.

The Police should continue to strictly survey the religious organizations such as Soukagakkai or Aum.

Q2 How should the Police prevent such a cruel terror?

A1 Survey is the best way to prevent such a grave case. At the same time the Japanese government should quickly enact the law to indemnify and to protect a person to denounce a grave case in advance ,namely an inside accuser.

In the first place the local government and the the Japanese government should dismantle the Cult.

Second Japanese people shouldn't vote for the parties which had opposed against the Anti-Subversive Activities Act. People should remember that the New Komeito made every effort not to enact the law.

Under this premise ,we should watch the Police investigation and activities, which will allow the Police to work better and to protect the people against such a terror.

Here should we rethink about the security and the poll, which party should we vote for ? although the Japanese people had thought security and water free to get for a long time as Yzaya Vendasan referred to.

**********July 2nd 3rd2004****************************

*Ise Jingu Shrine*

It was only one overnight trip and it took six hours to arrive
at the sites using the Shinkansen bullet train, and also local trains,
but my family and I had a quality and happy time.

This time I would like to tell you exclusively about Ise Jingu Shrine's Naigu . Ise Jingu primarily consists of two shrines:the Naigu and the Gegu .

While Kumano Kodo, literally meaning old roads, intrigued me
because it was just this month, in July, designated as a world heritage by UNESCO, Ise Jingu Shrine so deeply moved us that I thought
I would like to revisit, especially when the Shikinen-Sengu ceremony
would be held .

Shikinen-Sengu refers to once every twenty years' renewal from the present main building to an identical sized new one constructed at the adjoined site, which is the sanctuary for the supreme deity Amaterasu Omikami .

A new building of exactly the same form is built. Shikinen-Sengu involves also the renewal of the sacred apparel and the treasures which are carried to the new sanctuary building along with the symbol of the kami on the occasion of the Sengyo, the transfer ceremony. Incidentally the symbol's name is Yatano-Kagami. It's a kind of mirror which nobody can see except the Emperor even the Empress or the Prime Minister in Japan, as a taxi driver taught us.

Since the 7th century A.D., this ceremonial system has been conducted for 1300 years. The first Shikinen Sengu was performed in the period of the 41st Emperor Jito, the wife of the 40th Emperor Tenmu who established this system. Since then, with only a few exceptions, this ceremonial system has been continued and the 61st Shikinen Sengu was conducted in 1993.

This Japanese traditional culture has been transmitted and I think this should be passed on to the next generation even if it will cost about 350 billion yen as the taxi driver also explained. The renewal of the buildings and of the treasures has been conducted in the same traditional way ever since the first Shikinen Sengu had been performed 1300 years ago. The system of the Shikinen Sengu has been continued at the Gegu, as well as at the Naigu.

The next Shikinen Sengu ceremony will be conducted in 2013,when I made up my mind to visit the Shrine.

Surrounded by grave atmosphere ,we were walking on the road to the shrine. Balmy and bracing air embraces us , almost making record heat wave nonsensical.

Once passing under the big torii we were in the precinctus :sacred zone of the Shrine. Torii is the sacred gate to a shrine, passing under the torii is one of the most important performances for worshipers.

While birds twittering, we hear sand and stones ringing under our footsteps , we walk and approach to meet the kami deity ,being in the back of the vast sanctuary forest. Everyone catches something and think the world of this eternal site filled with blessing energy.

Simplicity and honesty can be said the first and the last doctrine for Shintoism. We understand it is just right to visit here and to walk on the ground. Nature and natural, both words are essential for Shintoism.

While we pass over the wooden bridge, under which Isuzu-gawa river streams purely, a heron flies ,several persons bathe themselves in the water.

Here exactly exists traditional Japan consisting of only wood and water ,perhaps we may call this Xanadu.

**********July 2nd 2004********************************

I can say that one of the most important points about each policy of all of the parties, although we can find nothing about it in this editorial.
That is the issue of the suffrage of foreigners. All the parties support foreigners voting right except the Liberal Democratic Party.

I guess the decision of foreign suffrage must be the cause of trouble in the future.

In fact the Netherlands is in a dispute over the educational system@between the Dutch and immigrant communities, exclusively Turkish society ,if the Japanese government or local governments should admit the foreigners voting rights, the security in our society and equality of tax would be lost forever.

Since no interest about politics will always bring the worst result,
We should go to the polls next Sunday.

**********July 16 2004********************************

The two companies Mitsubishi and Ford may have common ground of camouflage for the sake of economical priority.

And I am strongly concerned about whether the top executives
have checked manufacturing sites directly.

Comparison Mitsubishi case to Ford Pinto case

Items to compare Mitsubishi@Fuso Trucks & Buses Ford Pinto *See below
Age of exposure 2003 1973
Type truck compact car
Budget abound small
Procedure to make them small accumulated technology rapid and farfetched downsizing
Defect hub rear engine
Result tire running off suddenly engine stopping and catching fire
Response Cover-ups In late 1978, under government pressure, Ford recalled 1.5 million 1971-76 Pinto sedans
Cost to recall \20,000,000,000 nul
Compensation furthermore everyday reported about Richard Grimshaw, received disfiguring burns. He sued Ford and was awarded $125.8 million, later reduced by a judge to $6.5 million. Dozens of other lawsuits followed
President new cover-ups American (Lee Iacocca) charisma in the business world
Retirement allowance


Immensity It became a topic at the time.

*ref. http://www.historychannel.com/speeches/archive/speech_465.html

**********Jun 9th 2004*******************************

Will privatization benefit public purse ?

The four bills to privatize the four highway-related public

corporations, including the Japan Highway Public Corporation (JH), was

passed by the House of Councilors and enacted last Wednesday. But

will this privatization benefit Japanese people H

Using some public highway ,I have recognized that we need safe highway

as well as economic highway. Or if we should choose either one ,I would

rather take the safety of the road.

In fact I had a good impression that the highway-related operation had

been done well when I actually saw some repairing and

reconditioned site of Kan-etsu Express Highway.

I am afraid that the argument of privatization and then drastic cost-

cutting efforts let abandon the most important thing, safety.

Anyway the entire plot is going to be executed. When we will accept it ,

we should keep an eye on the procedure of the privatization of the Japan

Highway Public Corporation . Forty trillion yen in debt may be too big

to understand for commoners. But the panel should publish the decision-

making process and disclose all related things before its decisions .

I strongly expect the top management going well.


The meeting place of Ms.Soga and her family.

I would like to recommend Jakarta for some reasons.

One reason is that Indonesia doesn't have an extradition treaty with U.S.A.

The next reason is that Indonesia has diplomatic relations with North

Korea which is not so far from there.

The last point is that Indonesia is a pro-Japan country.

But I don't know if all of the Indonesian people will speak English or

not,as Mrs.Soga expect.


Today's news reports that Al-Qaida-linked terrorists were arrested.

It shocked us that terrorists could have entered so easily on a fake

passport and made Niigata Prefecture their base of operation for 14

months.This is just shameful for Japan, since the Police allowed

terrorists to act so freely in Japan without paying any attention to

terrorists even after 911's attack.

As the editorial says, quick measures should be taken such as passport

screening,and fingerprinting ,they should stop terrorists at all the

domestic gates from overseas.

We have to admit that Japan is not any more what it used to be in terms

of safety.Japan's Police lags behind other countries to arrest

criminals like terrorists.

The lazy Police should be changed now.


Toyota Motor Corporation consolidated it's net profit marked 1.16 trillionyen .And just yesterday Matsushita released the news that it would invest 90 billion yen to construct a plant to manufacture plasma display panels.
I hope this will provide good inspiration to all Japanese companies.

In fact the editorial says the reason for this is.

1 The Japanese Government massive intervention has helped yen appreciation so that Toyota accomplished the mark.

2 It is also thanks to Kaizen cost-cutting efforts as well as the just-in-time system, which is said to cause distress among Toyota's subcontract factories or enterprises.

Anyway Toyota is the top ranking company around the globe whose profit has surpassed Thailand's GDP or is about to compare with Indonesia's. Originally Toyota made the world's best loom in the 1920's. The loom made in Toyota factory's was exported overseas and also brought the development of textile industry in Japan, and contributed to the economic evolution of Japan greatly.


My father passed away 26 years ago. He was big.I remember him when I was a university student.During one holiday season I decided to stay in Tokyo and not return to my home, he used to call me to say "Hurry and come back !" in an angry voice .His voice was so strong and loud that I obeyed his words .
But once I entered my house, he welcomed me with the warmest smile.
He probably could not say "I would like you to come back ,Michiko". I can imagine

now he said so in order to conceal the embarrassment to express the affection to his daughter in front of many people.Once, he came to see me and my sisters in Tokyo, and brought us a brand new T.V. cardboard packaged with light hands.He seemed so big to us as well as the T.V.

I also have an experience to drive with him. We went to see one of my sisters in Kyoto. We rested a spell at the wheel shaking off our drowsiness. To Kyoto it was so long , in fact 1400km there and back .He was great as well as the Lincoln Continental Mercury Comet.

I thought of this and that about my father who had run a steel company of 50 workers.

When some people say I resemble my father ,to be honest I am glad. Some of my father's spirit and power is still alive in my heart ,I guess.


The subject is the issue of the visits to Yasukuni Shrine, which has made me so nervous, because how strictly I could explain this issue, any antagonists would not be content with an answer like this.

Anyway my summary is this:It is recently that Chinese, South and North Korean governments, and the United States media have voiced complaints about Koizumi's visiting the Shrine.

1 Among these countries South and North Koreas protest against Koizumi can be neglected, because the Korean Peninsula had belonged to Japan at that time. All the Koreans had were Japanese people from 1910 to 1945 under the reign of the Emperor. Some Koreans even enlisted as officers, have been enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine .

It is against the Korean leaders that Koreans should point their spear, because the Japanese and the Korean government had negotiated the agreement of the Korean affiliation mainly lead by the Korean Isshinkai party which had held one million Korean members eager to merge with Japan, because of the Korean Queen's tyranny, centuries of oppression and extreme poverty.

It can be believed, because only after 20 years since the Korean annexation, the population in Korea had increased by 150% compared to before the@merger.

Remember, Korean people! Japan has never fought a war against you, Korea. And this is the same situation in China as Korean objections are just the result of anti-Japanese textbooks of children to keep the present Korean government policy to avert Korean people's dissatisfaction toward their government. They have had the privileges and immunities from taxation, even now in Japan.

2 China had never protested against the Japanese Prime Ministers' visiting Yasukuni Shrine till 1985. Since about then Sho Shiyo- Ko Youho group and Deng Xiaoping-Ziang Zemin group had fought each other to get a seat of power in the organization of the Chinese Communist Party.

Sho Shiyo and Ko Youho, who had pursued the democratization of China,. Sho Shiyou was probably killed in the darkness having been outcast from power.

In 1989 when Ko Youhou died, Deng Xiaoping and Ziang Zemin ordered the People's Army to crush, by tanks, many students who had assembled to demand the democratization at Tiananmen Square. Suffering heartache from the death of Ko Youhou, students were sacrificed and democratization in China was gone.

Ko Kintou, a successor of Ziang Zemin who had suppressed the people's freedom and democratization, knows how to control the Chinese People, so he and his group in the Chinese Communist Party have to form a policy to animate Chinese peoples patriotic spirit to excite their hostility toward Japan using the issue of Yasukuni Shrine. But he is also so afraid of breaking economic relation between Japan and China that China would nothing but confirm Koizumi's visiting. Yasukuni is one of China's keeping cards against Japan.

As China is a country like this, laissez-faire, it is the best way.

3 It needs hardly to mention that among the three countries, the United States should be the most important partner for Japan, based on Japan -U.S. alliance .If we did not have this, China would press the button and release 30 missiles toward the Japanese archipelago in no time.

U.S. is concerned about and ready for Japan's extreme right swing, thinking highly of the good relation having been constructed these 50 years. I also respect this policy. We can believe only such countries as under the rule of law.

Anyway visiting Yasukuni should be acceptable, Japanese media and the Ministry of Foreign Affaires should try to make foreign countries understand saying it is the same custom as the American president visiting Arlington National Cemetery or attending church every Sunday.

I don't think the Constitution needs to be amended concerning this issue.Primarily the Constitution secures the freedom of religion.


Israel@vs. Palestine

The Japanese Government has no choie but to call for both parties to exercise restraint.

Last night I watched a TV program where hundreds of Iraqi people
demanded jobs from the Japanese Self Defense Forces. It seems
that being helped should be expected for Islamic People.

Some people know the reason of their conflict is not due to religious
hostility but rather on the economic difference between Israel and
Palestine. Israel is richer, with the backing of the world's Jewish network.

In the first place Israel insisted on its property of the controversial site
as Canaan since God has given it. At the same time The Balfour Declaration in 1917 had taken root in the construction of the state of Israel, which Great Britain and the United States had supported.

France, Germany, The UK, and The US, have been committed to Arab or
Israel so deeply that they cannot leave any more,
as if conflicts were demanded to sell fire arms to both sides.

It is too complicated to resolve tensions in the region, the less commitment from Japan there is, the better it is for Japan.


Privacy vs. Freedom of publication

The influence from which the Tokyo court decided is very large.
Of course privacy is very important, as everyone knows, nobody denies
this natural and officially supported right .

In fact I was one of the persons who supported the decision till yesterday. But now I changed my mind.Freedom of press has to be secured.

It is because if privacy could be a top priority to keep ,
some lawmakers who could commit something wrong could hide the evidence under the name of his family saying a private figure.

This situation may be the worst; the system of our country would be going to rot little by little.

But in this case I think the media overstepped, I can see the posture in which the publisher "has only to sell." The court's decision is acceptable for my opinion. The daughter's divorce is not a business of former Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka's political activity but only a gossip like a movie star's or ,this is more reliable ,just a phenomenon of a battle to annihilation between Tanaka Family and the publisher Bunshun since having sacrificed former prime minister Kakuei Tanaka.



Last weekend I went to Ikegami-Honmonji-Temple in Ota Ward to attend a meeting with my friend. There were about 500 people who passed last yearfs exam sponsored by T.C.V.B(Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau). The parental organization is Tokyo Chamber Commerce and Industry.

T.C.V.B. is an incorporated foundation to help domestic and foreign tourists to have happy time when visiting Tokyo. Last autumn the foundation held the first exam to target the people interested in the tour guide of Tokyo. Three thousand candidates challenged ,and out of them about half examinee have passed. Fortunately my friend and I have also passed. Because this exam was very easy . All we had to do was attending one-day seminar and reading a text book one time and passing it. It is said this exam will be more difficult each time . If you have a will ,I recommend to challenge this autumn.

The examination fee is \8,000. Everybody can go in for this exam, even if you are from the other prefecture. When you will pass the exam, you will get gPrimary Tokyo Tour Guide Licenseh.




Bureaucrats have been left unchecked to spend the pension fund as they like. Tighter controls have to be done to ensure that there is no such further waste of the money that Japanese people have paid into this fund.


We Japanese have a question of who North Korea is.But we bear a critical part of the responsibility,because we have left all unchecked,being pressed and intruded by Korean people and Japanese,Korean,and Chinese media.

Because there are many pro-North Korea Japanese and Koreans in Japan,
as they speak Japanese, and give themselves Japanese names, they seem Japanese. But it is they that have supported North Korea as well as the Asahi Newspaper, the Mainichi Newspaper, TBS,TV-Asahi, the Social Democratic Party, the Communist Party , some legislators such as Mr.Kan of the Democratic Party, and ex-legislators such as Mr.Nonaka of even the Liberal Democratic Party ,and Komeito Party of course,which has re-submitted to the Diet the bill to give foreigners suffrage in spite of having been rejected at the previous Lower House dismissal.

After the Korean War, 1950-1953, the Japanese government had a policy to let North Korean's ships call at Japan's ports, to let North Korea launch missiles over the Japanese Archipelago, and to leave the abduction issue unresolved.

Alghough the abduction issue has emerged, the Japanese government began to send thousands of tons of rice to the terrorist country without any diplomatic relations.

This time the six-way talks substantially had no progress.Now Japan has no reason whatsoever to ease its sanctions on Pyongyang so as to resolve the abduction issue and to freeze the nuclear program, toward the goal of complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of North Korea's nuclear programs.



Although SDF is already dispatched, Mr.Kan is yet opposing SDF being in Iraq. These words can give terrorists chance to attack members of SDF. Are his words in today's Congress the largest Party's? The person who has to resign is Mr.Kan not Mr.Koizumi. If the person who represents Japan must protect Japanese people. We found Mr.Kan to be representative of neighboring countries which are always quarrelling with the Prime Minister's visiting Yasukini Shrine or the Japanese textbook of history.

During his party's recent convention, Kan said that Minshuto would present its idea about what kind of constitution will better serve this nation by the end of 2006, after exploring various key issues, including Article 9. However, his argument before the Diet arouse doubts about whether Minshuto intends to seriously debate the issue of constitutional amendment.
(This section was quoted from the Daily Yomiuri)

Kan himself should resign President of the Democratic Party of Japan.



[Revising of the Constitution]

I think that this subject is one of the most important issue to consider for all Japanese after World War 2.

This movement is a good stream so that Japan would just become a normal country. We Japanese have not had a constitution made by Japanese, since the Constitution was made by GHQ (General Head Quarter), Occupation Forces 60 years before, we Japanese should revise or remake the Constitution to commensurate with present Japan.

A "normal country" as I said ,should be a nation of having the system to defend its country by itself. Under article 9 in the Constitution the Japanese Government couldn't and cannot carry out our security although a "rogue state" like North Korea has abducted Japanese people , or even when the "rogue state" launched missiles over our country. North Korea is always tough because China has supported it by providing the life line such as natural gas through the pipeline from the mainland of China.

As the administration has been explaining, article 9 imposes a ban on the collective self defense ,although the U.N. Chapter admits that a sovereign state has the right of collective self-defense.

Japan is actually allied with the United States. Even if United States should be attacked ,Japan cannot help U.S. owing to article 9 ,under the ban of the exercise of the collective self defense. How will then United States help Japan ,when Japan will have been attacked by that country?

As you said the fact that arms are arms, only defending arms themselves cannot exit since arms are produced for attacking.So your opinion is substantially right,

But as far as some legal points such as the article nine with the collective self-defense will not be resolved, or without setting other related laws, the Japanese government cannot move swiftly the SDF at-need, and therefore cannot strictly secure Japanese people.This is the time when the largest opposition party should also embark on reforming the Constitution as its first agenda.



The Last Samurai

This is a Halliwood movie . The scene is between the last feudal age :Tokugawa Shogunate era and the begining of Meiji Restriction.

I have three things that have had me astonished concerning this film.

First,this is an American film starring Tom cruise but this is made strictly in a Japanese manner.for example the lengh of sleeves or the color of kimono .The historical investigation is amazing.

The second amazing is the high level of sward fight,especially an actor Hiroyuki Sanada was impressive.

The third thing is the splendid last fighting scene between the samurai warrior and the imperial army.The power of the sound was overwhelmingly with taiko(drum) or shakuhachi(flute).

This film remind us Japanese Worrior's spirits that we have left especially after World War úK .These spirits are loyalty,courage and honor.

I would also like to add to Humanity ,Justice ,Politeness ,Intelligence and Confidence.

It is said Director Edward Zwick has realized Lifelong Dream with The Last Samurai .But I would like to say thank you very much for having produced such a great film ,Director Zwick ,Tom Cruise ,and other American people.



First Rising Sun 2004 movie

the Sumida River@movie

Ladies and Gentlemen

As the new year starts, I wish for you, your family, and your companies happiness and growth.

Today is the first day of January,when I took a picture .Please see the first sunrise of this year 2004 on the Tokyo Bay .(photo) I was really moved for the glory and the magnificence of that radiant sun beyond the horizen.

After having watched the sunrise,our cruiser with 250 people steered north on the Sumida River. On the way we had a happy time to watch white seagulls flying freely above the water of the River.This white seagull is called Yurikamome and also had been called Miyako-dori in the anciant age. Both Japanese names give us an airy-fairy and courtly impression. See the website for tourists.

New Year's visit to Sensouji-temple in Asakusa .The way was too crowded to go ahead easily.But it was much fun .



Women would be happy to hear the story that: angler is called "eatable@aesthetic salon ""swimming colagen ".But angler is so tasty for men as well as for women .Angler is so-called deep-sea fish.

Seven parts of the angler are called "Nanatsu do-gu tools " which consist of Ryuniku:cut meats, Tomo:fin, Nuno :ovary, Kimo:liver,Mizubukuro:stomach, Era:gill, and the skin. In fact the angler can be eaten except the bone.

Following the recipe in the Nothern part of Ibaragi Prefcture,"Dobujiru"is the character of the angler hot-pot. "Dobujiru" is a kind of soup. The ingredient are miso:soy bean paste and the parched liver .
Pour the Dobujiru into the pot to heat ,and then put those seven parts of fillted the angler to heat ,then put vegetables such as green onion,chrysanthemum,mashroom,or radish into the pot.

Keep some soup until the end ,because you can enjoy Ojiya last :rice gruel which is so tasty.

The angler hotpot is the local culinary specialtiy which was born and grew up under the climate of the northern part of Ibaragi Prefecture . You cannot believe that excellent taste until you'll challenge the grotesque appearance,while the angler hotpot has been called the king of hotpots.


Hamaya : Hotel & Restaurant




How did I commit a stop sign violation?

I was caught by a policeman today.
It occurred on the road in Iwafuna-chou town in Tochigi Prefecture.
When I was waiting at the signal, an old policeman knocked the door of my car,and said to me hyou did not stop at the corner, there is a stop sign.
Didnft you see the sign? g

gReally ? Was there a stop sign? Unbelievable .I couldnft see ith
To tell the truth I expected an absolution, I had believed he would let me go in peace,because I was on the way to an enjoyable eating journey toward a northern part in Ibaraki prefecture with my friend ,who came to Japan all the way for the first time in a long while. This precious trip was about to start.
But the policeman said gIf you have an objection ,it will take 2hours to fix this case here.hThe policeman threatened me.

The policeman sentenced I had committed a stop sign violation!
In this situation the friend in my car said no words to the policeman.
Really ? Are you my friend? If I were you ,I would surely help you ,by all means.
The policeman gave me a ticket to pay fine, totally 7000 yen.
Thus my gold driving license I had kept these twenty five years will vainly and soon change to a normal white one by a pitiless policeman whose name is Suzuki Kazuya in Tochigi Police.



[Pension System]

Arrival of aging society with fewer children

Japan's government said(Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare):
With the advancement of an aging society with fewer children the premium
for the Employees' Pension in the future (2025) could reach about 35%,
which is about double the current premium amount if the contents of
the pension benefits stay the same as those of the current system.

For the National Pension, the premium is projected to increase
to \26,000. Such a burden would be too heavy on future working generations
and companies. As the public pension system in Japan is designed to
maintain a balance between income and expenditure for a long time
using the step-wise increase of premium, if there is no increase of
premium, the pension fund could cover only 60% of required spending on
the benefits in the future. In order to realize long-living society with
active elderly people in the 21st Century, it is necessary to maintain
impartiality within and between generations, to ensure the benefits in
the future, and not to impose excessive burden on future generations.

As this is the year for once-in-five-year review of the system, it is
important to present the future vision of the public pension by
reviewing the entire system and to gain citizen's trust in the public
pensions by stabilizing the post-retirement life.

[Who trusts it?]

The government has always repeated these words to the people.
How can we believe its words?
There premiums have increased several times to date, lowering pension
benefit levels, and the postponement of start of allowance.

In fact last week(on the 21st of November) the heads such as Mr.Okuda of
the four Japanese Federation of Economic Organizations handed in
to Mr.Koizumi the proposal of 4 organization joint signatures which are
opposed to raising the premium rate without a radical system reform
of the employees' pension.

Now comes the time that each of us should choose private annuity
funds and that we should take the responsibility of our long lives.
We should take care of our parents by ourselves.
Don't use civil servants' hands, which cost high.

For my part, I would not like to think about such matter of perplexity,
the only thing that I can do is continue to work forever and to
affiliate privately an annuity insurance.

Anyway we must seriously examine the level of burden that the future
generations and business owners can and would agree to stand,
at the same time thinking about spirit of self-help.



Strictly speaking Japan's Government is violating Article 20 of the Constitution. This provision says that any religious organization shall not receive any privileges from States nor exercise any political authority.

In this sense, the present government is the second worst among our nation's history from the Meiji era through Heisei era. It is because the present Japanese government is a coalition government with a religion-related party. Incidentally the first worst was the government of Mr. Murayama socialist administration.

The religion-related party, New Komeito. It must help LDP Koizumi administration to form a consensus on policy issues, now without a third party like Hoshushinto

Generally it is said that it is difficult to run a smooth government in a caolition situation. Japan's coalition government is not an exception.

Why is New Komeito questionable?


[No other choice]

At present we have no option left to govern Japan stable as you referred to last time.

Therefore we would be obliged to receive the coalition government- the LDP(the Liberal Democratic Party)and New Komeito alliance, in order to get bills passed by the Diet.

As almost all the Japanese know, New Komeito is Sokagakkai itself: The biggest religious organization ,@the incalculable impact reaching all over the world .The fact is that a couple of months ago the French administration identified SGI(Sokagakkai) as a seriously dangerous cult to ban the dawah. SGI had been also condemned anathema from Nichiren sect headquarters.

It is said about LDP that the fruit of this general election owes much to New Komeito , which serves exclusively SGI(Sokagakkai) as its background .

My opinion is totally different. If New Komeito were not in the coalition government, LDP would have taken more seats having been supported by the popularity of Mr.Koizumi and Mr.Abe who stands behind the group of abducted Japanese people by North Korea.

Meanwhile Hoshushinto (New Conservative Party) lost 5 seats to dissolve itself and merge with the LDP. Hoshushinto had acted between LDP and New Komeito among the coalition government. This means now the LDP and New Komeito must talk to each other face to face in the administration.


It is questionable to form an opinion to pass most important bill as Aum-related . In fact recently New Komeito objected shouting religious freedom( the violation of the Article 20 of the Constitution)to have the Diet pass a new regulation of dissolving dangerous cults such as Aum Sect .It is Aum(Alef : called now)covered with the religious mask that committed indiscriminate homicide by deadly poison Sarin.


LDP must realize over 241 seats-government to pass regulations in the simultaneous elections for the House of Councilors and House of Representatives, probably next spring.

No more coalition ,no more religion-related party which has such privilege as no tax or is taking the ring of dispatching the Self Defense Forces to Iraq.


The anti-Japanese demonstration that recently took place in Xian,
This case is highly political movement for Chinafs part.



I think this top story gave readers eccentric and weirdo feeling.

I dare say gthis affair and this news have highly fabricated risk .

First, this news source is the Xinhua News Agency, which is the only official newspaper belonging to the Chinese Communist Party.

Do you feel it is something strange ?

Because this agency did not publish no images , no video about the glittle pig Japaneseh?

Second, it is these three years that Japanfs ODA budget including to China has decreased under prolonged economic stagnation in Japan.

My conclusion is gthis case is highly political movement for Chinafs part.h


In fact Chinese people has no freedom of assembly, still less Chinese students.

Why Northwest China University in Xian did or could not get under control the thousands of students raged? If in China a demonstration once got revealed , even Northwest University would not fail to be punished by the Chinese predominant government. Why no punishment to the University? Why no charge for the Chinese students who attacked Japanese students no-related with it.

As reported a friend of the Japanese students in the audience then, three Japanese students performed a skit during a cultural festival at the University . Wearing tags of the characters for "Japan" and "China," and a picture of a heart, the three Japanese students performed a risque dance after the check of the Chinese seniors.

"We just tried to demonstrate the feelings of friendship between Japan and China," the three students replied to the question of Japanfs embassy officials.

In general Japanese young people who go to China to study are no doubt pro-China with affinity.

On the contrary regrettably many Chinese students come to Japan with Japanfs scholarship to turn to life of crime , particularly atrocious criminals whose number has been terribly increasing In Japan in this decade.

How will Chinese government explain the fact that Chinese students later held street demonstrations in Xi'an city, demanding an apology for the performance, and some Chinese students attacked two Japanese students who had nothing to do with it ?

For Japanfs part, Japan adopted a resolution to cut 5.3% ODA aid to China to 857,700 billion yen (7,805 million US Dollar )compared with last fiscal year.

About the Japanese textbook in junior high school, the Chinese government has protested to the Japanese government. It is just the same way when the Chinese government takes an aggressive action to demand Japanfs apologizing concerning anything of World War II, in order to increase ODA amount from Japan.

Japan always are making effort to support China through ODA(Official Development Assistance)

which reality Chinese people never deserve to be kept informed about, they will never have the true information.

China should be more modernized and really democratized en plein jour.



Tokyo Hatobus Tour : Tokyo Tower -Imperial Palace-Asakusa Kannon Temple -

Tazaki Pearl -Kiccho (Kaiseki Ryori,Japanese Haute Cuisine) (play)

Someone said to me laughing "Hatobus? Tokyo Tour? You are a country cousin ,

aren't you ?"

Actually Tokyo is the most gorgeous site in the world .

Variety of food ,many traditional and tourism sites:

for exemple Edo Tokyo Museum at Ryogoku, traditional arts and crafts,

the newest golf gears ,the coolest digital cameras and computers(notes).

I cannot help but forget time passing away when in Akihabara .

Do you want to see a scenic beauy? Walk along the Sumida River. I like always

the Sumida River side , not to say in the full bloom of cherry blossoms.

Another shopping ?

Ginza has already many number of the first brand-shops (Cartier ,Vuitton,Celine etc.)

I dare to say Tokyo has more treasure than London has, New York has ,

or even Paris has.

Tokyo walking ,I love it very much.

If you have time ,access to Tokyo Tourism Site.


I think this site the best for Tokyo Fun ,in technical and visual points ,

the best made site in the world (laugh).



Current Topics



Teyande(?) Omotesando ,Tokyo

Nouvell cuisine a la Japonaise ou a la mode ?



Golf at Tomioka Golf Club in Tomioka city ,Gunma Prefecture , all day heavily raining



Eiheiji temple in Fukui Prefecture ,Hokuriku area :

We are very impressed by this real spirutual site :Eiheiji temple which has a huge

training hall for Buddhist monks or even visitors who want to train themselves under

Zazen -style training. whose strict stream is named Sotoshu - The Soto Zen School .

The Soto Zen School was opened during the Kamakura Period, some eight hundred

years ago by Dogen .

Far from here. It's 1,200 km there and back ,actually it took 12 hours to go and return

with my car driving.



Kenrokuen-garden in Kanazawa city , Hokuriku area :North Part of Japan(play)



Golf in Karuizawa(play)


22:10 2003/06/26

I visited "2 channel" this week which was as huge a BBS as we had never

imagined the real size or the figure of, whose slogan is " from hacking to tonight's

dish ". It is reported at this point "2 channel '" has 6,000 ,000 hits per day .

The more times I access "2 channel" , the more deeply I can touch the Japanese

actual feelings or true words which "Japan" can hardly miss .

You might choose any dish a la cart in your daily life that "2 channel " has served

topped with some peculiar spun sugar. The speciality is also there that

you want to have right now.

In fact "2 channel " is a virtual site but it's just a subculture which has suddenly

emerged over Japan where has lied the standoff for such a long time.

Will you access to "2 channel" world. tonight ?


21:21 2003/03/30

Last week I visited Yushima Tenjin Shrine near Ueno Park,

where I had time to take pictures .

At that time I must have recognized several things that I had never wanted to see in

such a serene place :"colourful automatic vending machines","white high-rise

building behind the grave main shrine"and on the facade "two exposed stalls that had

already finished their buisiness"

This is a Japanese Historical Site ! A Serene precinctus !

Have we forgotten real Japanese things?

Even such a famous shrine has left its real beauty in the old days?

As I have been editing the clips whose title is "Visit Japan" for foreign tourists,

"beautiful Japan"Fan empty word has come into my head.

I have been thinking about things that our nation had lost in the last century,

as a substitute for the trade surplus .

How do you think about Japan of these days ?

The edited clips of Yushima Tenjin Shirine are seen at t:Movie Library

Dynasty Golf